Aylin Aykan is a pianist and composer, born in Munich to a Turkish family from Istanbul. She studied philosophy and musical science at Ludwig Maximilian University as well as piano with John Strathern at the Richard Strauss Conservatory in Munich. Concert degree in chamber music.

From then on, concerts in Germany and abroad followed. A “search for her roots” let her focus shift away from the typical classical music genre: Aylin places special emphasis on putting together programs which present musical connections across different cultures in both an understandable and entertaining way. According to critics, her musical style shows "both intelligence und intuition".

During the last decade she has become known through her cross-cultural projects which included piano recitals, e.g. featuring Turkish piano tradition from the Ottoman beginnings to the present – sometimes in juxtaposition to classical western music.

Together with two actors she produced the poetic/musical program “Pesüs”, which played even on the “Green Line”, the border separating Greek and Turkish Cyprus.

From 2001 to 2004 she was in charge of organizing the highly successful music program for the cultural festival "Turkish October" in Munich – the 2004 festival was awarded by the Körber Foundation as a “German-Turkish Dialogue Project”.

In 2007 she run a workshop for “Cross-Cultural Chamber Music” in Rotterdam, NL. In recent years, she has been focusing on her own compositions and arrangements: In 2007 the first performance of “Voices, Shadows”, a commissioned composition for the “Deutschlandfunk” broadcasting, took place at Cologne, Germany. One of Aylin’s recent projects is a program where classical western and traditional oriental music encounter in arrangements of religious and mystical tunes for piano, church organ, oud and voice. First presented within the framework of the international “Daniel Pearl Music Days 2008” at a Protestant church in Munich, this project is meant to overcome borders – thus she hopes to expand the program to as many different houses of worship as possible…

“I believe in the power of music, because I am convinced that no sound and lasting understanding between humans with different cultural backgrounds can be achieved without touching them emotionally. For me music is prayer, it is my way of immersion into a deeper world inside - or above or wherever.”

Contact: info@aylinaykan.de

Myspace: www.myspace.com/aylinaykanmusic